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Mikeparadise4 12/25/2013 12:17 AM
Wishing all a happy, healthy Christmas season
Habadih 12/24/2013 12:31 AM
Happy Season of Yuletide. Whatever your holiday I hope it is a joyful one.
Averyjune 12/13/2013 11:34 AM
Awesome pic of Baby Flame! Congratulations Daddy!
xAquaFlamex 12/11/2013 1:40 AM
Pictures can be seen in the gallery!!
xAquaFlamex 12/11/2013 1:38 AM
Hey team....Baby Flame was born 12/09 weighing in @ 10 lbs 6 oz.
Amerinan 11/26/2013 11:19 PM
Awesome job raiding tonight! Zaviel in 2 attempts and twins to 4%(second time there for most people) is really great!
Mikeparadise4 11/22/2013 11:08 PM
Dear All, I am working on some real life issues atm. Will be on as soon as can be.
Mikeparadise4 11/22/2013 11:08 PM
You are very welcome Amerian!
Amerinan 11/20/2013 7:56 PM
Thanks to Mikelonia, Timberghost, Darstorm, and Averyjune for all helping me reach 60 last night!
Amerinan 10/23/2013 8:47 PM
My Mages name got switch. It is now Played... as for my warrior. Contact me if you need me at Amerinan@Faeblight
Tushbite 9/24/2013 9:57 AM
Hi all, we have started assembling our core raid team to help us move along our progression. Members of the team will get a guaranteed spot as well as a chance to win a Twisted Soul crafted item. Please see the forum post for more info!
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Paradise Found is a casual guild of mature players. Our goal is to create a community dedicated to cooperation and fun. We welcome all players, whatever their experience level, and pride ourselves on being helpful and supportive. Welcome...

Class Breakdown
Level Breakdown
Name Level Calling Notes Rank Site Acct.
Aaram 60 Mage 5Senior Member adevilshand
Abaddon 50 Warrior 6Member
Aberdeen 8 Warrior 6Member
Adamoj 60 Rogue 4Knight Adamoj1
Aelthaea 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Aelthaea
Aeralon 33 Warrior 6Member
Aetal 30 Rogue 6Member
Affy 41 Cleric 6Member
Aflysetcleric 60 Cleric 1Ruling Council
Afrodyte 60 Warrior 6Member
Afterburnz 22 Mage 9Recruit
Aggressivegiraffe 34 Rogue 9Recruit
Aillin 60 Mage 1Ruling Council
Akil 52 Rogue 9Recruit
Alamariah 24 Rogue 6Member
Alchemist 30 Cleric 6Member
Alcinoe 22 Cleric Artemishunt's Alt 6Member
Alekksi 25 Mage 9Recruit
Alrachka 60 Rogue Outfitter/RC 5Senior Member
Alraheed 25 Mage 6Member
Alsuma 36 Mage 6Member
Alui 60 Rogue 4Knight Alui
Alunntic 49 Mage 6Member
Aluntic 60 Mage 454 hit 5Senior Member aluntic
Amerouge 50 Rogue 5Senior Member
Amynomene 43 Mage Artemis Alt 6Member Merliana
Anara 31 Rogue 6Member
Andratank 51 Cleric 6Member kcutshaw
Androdameia 19 Warrior Artemis Alt 6Member Merliana
Anioa 47 Rogue 6Member
Anremaisa 42 Mage 6Member
Antai 50 Warrior 6Member
Anthilde 60 Rogue 4Knight Anthilde
Anubisa 16 Rogue 9Recruit
Apa 12 Rogue 6Member
Aphhodoine 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Yots
Aphradites 32 Cleric 6Member medsq383
Aquaflame 60 Mage Runecrafer-Outfitter 375 4Knight xAquaFlamex
Arenya 32 Warrior 6Member
Aridale 60 Mage Rev's Main 3Officer REV61
Ariellejay 24 Cleric 6Member
Ariko 12 Rogue 6Member
Arismas 60 Warrior 5Senior Member lifesember
Arrora 18 Rogue 6Member
Artemishunt 60 Rogue 375 outfit/rune 4Knight Merliana
Artimingus 60 Warrior 9Recruit
Aryda 51 Cleric 6Member
Ashal 53 Cleric 6Member
Ashenstone 52 Warrior 6Member
Asphexsila 52 Rogue 5Senior Member
Asrafel 25 Rogue 6Member
Athen 21 Cleric 6Member
Athrix 30 Rogue 6Member
Atmass 60 Mage 4Knight Eleni
Aumacity 15 Rogue 6Member
Avacate 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Avarmir 50 Warrior 6Member
Avelyth 18 Cleric 6Member Avelyth
Averyjune 60 Mage Let me know if you need any help. 3Officer 537843724_Inactive
Awesomeusmaximus 20 Mage 9Recruit
Azaelin 57 Rogue 6Member
Azerroth 17 Mage 6Member
Azurri 27 Mage 6Member
Bagaen 57 Warrior 6Member
Bahooney 8 Rogue 6Member
Bajesus 55 Rogue 6Member
Balentenai 27 Rogue 6Member
Baniel 16 Rogue 9Recruit
Banit 46 Warrior 6Member
Barani 50 Cleric 5Senior Member
Barleybeard 60 Cleric 4Knight mcmurrayj
Barrad 1 Warrior 9Recruit Ravensworth
Beardmouth 20 Cleric 9Recruit
Beateel 28 Rogue 6Member
Bede 21 Warrior 9Recruit
Beebeenice 30 Rogue 6Member
Benaih 20 Rogue 6Member redraiderrob
Beowulph 14 Warrior 6Member
Bertand 60 Cleric Bert's (Athiria) alt 6Member bertinator16
Berttie 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Bethanna 19 Cleric 9Recruit
Bhaltair 60 Warrior 472 hit - Runecrafter 4Knight
Billymcbadass 28 Cleric I AM KRESSE! RAWR 6Member
Blathlishbh 21 Mage 6Member
Bloodfreeze 60 Cleric 436hit shaman/inquisitor+artificer 4Knight xBlooDFreezEx
Bloodllust 14 Mage Bloodfreeze's toon 6Member
Boju 60 Mage 5Senior Member
Bongripps 22 Mage 6Member
Boochaka 23 Warrior 9Recruit
Booky 60 Cleric 4Knight BookyBoo
Bovineslap 60 Rogue 6Member Bovineslap
Brahj 32 Mage 6Member Cryptiix
Brickkz 11 Cleric 9Recruit
Brittled 5 Warrior 6Member
Brony 39 Rogue 6Member
Brustercogburn 50 Rogue 6Member
Bucnasty 60 Warrior Repents 9Recruit
Bullslap 32 Cleric 6Member Bovineslap
Burntpizza 32 Rogue 6Member
Burtreynolds 60 Rogue 4Knight
Caitin 37 Cleric 6Member
Calidonia 21 Mage 6Member
Calistrean 15 Cleric 6Member
Camidor 19 Cleric 6Member
Carabundaii 53 Cleric 6Member
Carbharhairey 41 Mage 6Member
Casheww 13 Cleric 6Member
Cataich 60 Rogue Main Weaponsmith/Mining/Foraging 5Senior Member
Ceje 36 Rogue 6Member
Ceritus 50 Warrior 4Knight kirrby
Chakka 37 Mage 6Member
Chambers 50 Cleric 5Senior Member
Chdaun 31 Cleric 6Member
Chewbaka 50 Mage 5Senior Member
Chimchar 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Chismoso 21 Rogue 6Member
Chouko 16 Cleric 6Member
Chromos 50 Warrior 5Senior Member
Chrystalynne 30 Cleric 6Member
Clarkmarge 60 Mage 5Senior Member
Cokefiend 44 Mage 6Member
Coopmage 57 Mage 6Member
Cordaa 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Gem78
Cowslap 19 Warrior 6Member Bovineslap
Creid 1 Warrior 6Member
Criostaidh 40 Rogue 6Member
Cryptiix 60 Rogue DPS/Support 4Knight Cryptiix
Crystalyn 32 Warrior 5Senior Member
Cryxephya 34 Mage 6Member
Cuteblaze 53 Mage 1Ruling Council Cutetush
Cutebow 39 Rogue 1Ruling Council
Cutetush 60 Cleric 1Ruling Council Cutetush
Cutiewithabooty 45 Cleric 6Member
Cyberella 58 Rogue 6Member
Cybergreen 20 Rogue 6Member
Cynathis 52 Cleric 6Member
Dakkotah 28 Rogue 6Member miller159
Dalkend 30 Rogue 6Member
Danifay 60 Mage 6Member Turtlekang
Danith 41 Cleric 6Member
Darawn 17 Warrior 6Member
Dargoth 60 Cleric 5Senior Member
Darklich 60 Mage Alt Phalannx,Phyrexian 5Senior Member DarkLich82
Darkmagik 50 Mage 5Senior Member
Darkmender 11 Cleric 4Knight
Darkpalm 60 Cleric 5Senior Member Lonesoul1
Darkwisp 30 Rogue 3Officer
Darlaith 12 Mage 9Recruit
Darmaus 27 Mage 6Member
Darrkblade 60 Rogue Rogue Class Leader 4Knight
Darstorm 60 Rogue 1Ruling Council Darstorm
Dathomir 35 Mage 6Member
Dazzy 52 Mage 6Member
Deadseraphim 24 Cleric 6Member
Deadtouch 54 Rogue 4Knight Deadtouch
Decar 60 Cleric Hab's Alt 3Officer Habadih
Deendros 26 Cleric Facepoke's alt 6Member
Deepstorm 60 Cleric alt is shadowdeep 5Senior Member Trollkeeper
Delmonte 13 Rogue 6Member
Denthaus 42 Cleric 6Member
Destinn 52 Warrior 9Recruit
Devinefaith 14 Mage 6Member
Djinnistalker 22 Rogue 9Recruit
Dockius 60 Rogue 4Knight Dockius51
Dolemike 32 Cleric 9Recruit
Draczs 51 Cleric 4Knight
Drakarian 31 Mage 6Member
Dreadless 60 Warrior 520 HIt 4Knight
Dremsudo 60 Cleric 6Member
Drindria 50 Rogue 9Recruit
Drphilligain 12 Warrior 9Recruit
Dubh 33 Mage 6Member
Duddwin 34 Mage 6Member
Duffntaters 21 Mage 6Member
Duffshadow 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Dyllen 55 Cleric c 6Member
Dyneellegin 51 Cleric 6Member
Earthlymatter 50 Mage 6Member
Eeriss 44 Cleric 6Member
Elbonyo 22 Rogue 6Member
Eldalie 50 Warrior Aridale's alt 4Knight
Eleison 50 Cleric 6Member
Eleius 50 Warrior 6Member
Elementalis 60 Mage 4Knight shauns
Elinium 32 Warrior 6Member
Elrora 27 Rogue 6Member
Emaris 17 Mage 9Recruit
Empyre 60 Mage 6Member
Enanna 41 Rogue 6Member
Enz 28 Warrior 9Recruit
Enzy 25 Rogue 9Recruit
Epikz 13 Warrior 6Member
Eralnaa 16 Warrior 9Recruit
Eriob 34 Rogue 6Member
Ermenegilde 22 Rogue 6Member
Erodyne 8 Warrior 6Member
Etchelon 46 Cleric 6Member
Eulero 52 Rogue 6Member shiora
Eveey 60 Cleric 5Senior Member
Evilally 37 Warrior Main, alts are EvilMidget and Evillally 6Member
Evillally 9 Rogue 6Member
Eyeofmadness 17 Warrior 6Member
Eyre 20 Rogue 6Member
Facepoke 60 Rogue 4Knight Facepoke
Fahawikra 4 Warrior 6Member
Faimia 18 Rogue 6Member
Fakbashamar 36 Cleric 9Recruit
Feehona 15 Cleric 6Member
Feralrogue 21 Rogue 9Recruit
Ferdzre 13 Rogue 6Member
Fierya 52 Mage 6Member
Fijster 60 Rogue This is Kevy 4Knight
Fingon 41 Mage 6Member
Flander 50 Warrior Used to be Flanigan, had to rename when i transferd 5Senior Member
Fluorescence 37 Rogue 6Member
Flysbank 17 Cleric 9Recruit
Foncy 26 Cleric 9Recruit
Fraise 12 Mage 6Member
Frozenmonkey 60 Rogue 5Senior Member frozenmonkey
Fugi 24 Cleric 6Member
Fugly 32 Rogue 6Member
Fumblemoore 31 Mage raba's other alt 6Member
Fynedge 13 Warrior 9Recruit
Gabizzed 32 Warrior 6Member
Gabrielg 21 Cleric 6Member
Gajesyn 21 Warrior 6Member
Gajubatne 17 Warrior 9Recruit
Gamadit 26 Rogue 6Member
Garmeth 51 Mage 6Member
Garthrigonach 20 Mage 9Recruit
Gaspari 28 Warrior 6Member
Genaden 12 Warrior 9Recruit
Genkota 50 Rogue 5Senior Member Genkota
Gillyanne 30 Mage 9Recruit Ravensworth
Gilzs 18 Warrior 6Member
Goregrinder 57 Mage 6Member
Gorge 60 Rogue master outfitter 5Senior Member
Gork 40 Warrior 6Member
Gramodan 11 Mage 9Recruit
Grathius 24 Cleric 6Member
Graward 60 Cleric 6Member
Gricklaw 50 Mage 9Recruit Gricklaw
Gruntz 19 Warrior 6Member
Gunhader 60 Mage 4Knight gunhader
Gunhadr 60 Rogue 5Senior Member gunhader
Guwop 40 Cleric 6Member
Habadin 20 Mage 6Member
Hadad 60 Rogue Weaponsmith 2Craftmaster Habadih
Hadarac 60 Cleric Ysmyrlda's friend 6Member
Haemoptysis 45 Warrior 6Member
Haldyr 52 Cleric 4Knight Haldyr
Hallistra 50 Warrior 6Member
Halloweenie 60 Cleric 5Senior Member
Hannahmontana 29 Warrior 9Recruit
Hanselle 60 Mage 5Senior Member
Hawaii 38 Rogue 6Member
Healress 12 Cleric 6Member
Hennreata 10 Cleric 6Member Hennreata
Hexxu 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Hexxu
Hoe 60 Mage 6Member Hoe
Hoyllama 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Hurts 48 Rogue 6Member
Hydrafury 30 Warrior 6Member
Ibeawesome 12 Cleric 9Recruit
Icrityourmom 12 Rogue 9Recruit
Iellwin 50 Mage 4Knight Iellwin
Imathug 26 Cleric 6Member
Immortalphenix 12 Warrior 6Member
Imthug 16 Mage Imathug's ALT 6Member
Imulas 26 Mage 6Member
Imyrald 23 Rogue 6Member
Inflatablefriend 60 Mage 4Knight InflatableFriend
Irlin 60 Warrior 3Officer
Isenus 57 Warrior 6Member
Ismokeheals 16 Cleric 6Member
Isollae 60 Cleric 6Member
Iwinallday 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Izeroguy 34 Rogue 6Member
Izlaendia 50 Cleric 6Member
Jagannatha 25 Warrior 9Recruit
Jakalund 30 Warrior 6Member
Janitor 60 Mage 4Knight richk1693
Jantera 60 Cleric Aridale's alt 4Knight REV61
Jayriv 22 Rogue 9Recruit
Jespah 55 Warrior 6Member
Jjsoul 42 Rogue 6Member
Johas 8 Rogue 9Recruit
Josephinazee 24 Mage 6Member
Josselynn 17 Mage 6Member
Juggaloj 55 Rogue 6Member lifesember
Juilania 50 Mage alt of Lydea 6Member
Junah 60 Cleric 6Member Junah
Juras 16 Cleric 9Recruit
Kamryn 40 Cleric 6Member
Karneth 29 Cleric 6Member caikin
Kasiswin 60 Rogue 375outfitter 4Knight kasiswin
Kataryn 2 Cleric 6Member
Katiery 60 Cleric 4Knight kasiswin
Kce 60 Rogue runes & tailor 4Knight Kcaola
Keladriannia 54 Mage Call me Kella-chan. 6Member Bondubras of Devoncroix
Keleo 60 Cleric 5Senior Member Keleo1
Kelfra 60 Rogue Alt of Cataich, Outfitter, Butcher, Mining 5Senior Member
Kelgal 41 Rogue 6Member
Ketane 16 Cleric 9Recruit
Kevanos 42 Warrior 6Member xAquaFlamex
Keylste 17 Cleric 9Recruit
Keyrah 37 Mage 6Member
Khaede 21 Cleric 6Member
Khaela 20 Cleric 6Member
Khaelen 49 Warrior 6Member
Killforme 18 Mage 9Recruit
Killsforfun 54 Cleric 6Member
Kilrathica 29 Cleric 6Member
Kimbrel 42 Cleric 9Recruit
Kimkun 50 Rogue 6Member
Kisstixx 27 Cleric 9Recruit
Knockoutpunch 60 Warrior 4Knight Knockoutpunch
Koreancowgirl 60 Cleric 4Knight
Kosmicdebris 51 Mage 6Member
Krexus 60 Warrior 5Senior Member krexus4
Kriseanna 24 Warrior 6Member
Kroeghil 43 Cleric 6Member
Kronot 54 Rogue 4Knight
Kronott 50 Mage 6Member
Kruil 60 Mage 4Knight Necronian
Kthulu 50 Mage kasiswin alt 6Member
Kuriokaze 60 Rogue 6Member medsq383
Kvothethebloodless 30 Mage 6Member
Kyroa 50 Cleric 6Member
Ladykanade 21 Rogue 6Member
Lafear 57 Mage 6Member
Lalupi 55 Cleric 6Member Lupi
Laos 54 Cleric 6Member Laos
Ldymage 15 Mage 6Member
Leadzida 60 Warrior 6Member
Leagueoflegends 36 Rogue 6Member
Lefindumonde 52 Rogue 9Recruit
Leici 10 Warrior 9Recruit
Lemonypledge 20 Mage 9Recruit
Lenaia 17 Warrior Strikess alt 6Member
Lenova 60 Rogue 6Member
Levannokendon 50 Rogue 6Member
Lexcanium 59 Warrior 6Member Lexcanium
Lhia 27 Cleric 6Member
Liadolis 25 Rogue 6Member
Lightofstorm 37 Mage 6Member
Lilspitfire 54 Rogue 6Member
Lilsui 48 Mage 6Member
Lindseyy 60 Mage 448hit, 939PA, dps/heals 4Knight
Lisandraa 10 Cleric 9Recruit
Littlrogue 21 Rogue 6Member
Livtyler 32 Cleric 6Member
Lkronosl 31 Mage 6Member
Londrin 60 Rogue 1Ruling Council Takio
Lonesoul 60 Warrior 4Knight Lonesoul1
Lookinglikemilk 6 Cleric 6Member
Lordkaizer 59 Warrior 6Member
Luminouss 44 Cleric 6Member
Lurya 55 Mage 6Member
Luryan 30 Cleric 6Member
Lusydominant 25 Warrior 6Member
Lyaera 60 Rogue 375 fishing :D 5Senior Member
Lydeah 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Lyheisa 44 Cleric 6Member
Lylack 50 Warrior 6Member Kcaola
Madygirl 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Maenari 55 Rogue 9Recruit
Maerkus 18 Cleric 9Recruit
Maitri 17 Mage 6Member
Malachim 30 Mage 6Member
Malphis 60 Cleric 5Senior Member Malphis
Mania 57 Cleric 6Member
Mareelbeth 55 Rogue 12hr work shift may not play long 6Member
Mareve 60 Rogue 5Senior Member wh_young
Margeclark 40 Rogue 6Member
Masaaki 24 Warrior 6Member
Masterevoker 60 Rogue 9Recruit
Mathanite 53 Rogue 6Member
Mattyballs 53 Mage 6Member
Mayz 21 Cleric 9Recruit
Mcguinness 16 Warrior 9Recruit
Meadbeard 60 Mage Barleybeard alt 9Recruit
Melarn 60 Warrior 4Knight Melarn
Mend 29 Cleric 6Member
Mercurialle 21 Rogue 9Recruit
Metart 22 Mage 6Member
Miadria 19 Mage 9Recruit
Midnightstalker 21 Rogue 6Member
Mikaria 17 Rogue 9Recruit
Mikelia 44 Cleric 6Member
Mikelonia 60 Warrior 1Ruling Council Mikeparadise4
Mizzyr 50 Mage 4Knight Melarn
Moeden 11 Warrior 6Member
Moedisen 18 Rogue 6Member
Moezello 7 Cleric 6Member
Molen 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Monstrous 30 Rogue 6Member
Mooslap 23 Mage 6Member Bovineslap
Morriggan 18 Mage 6Member
Mrskevorkian 47 Cleric 6Member
Mutpa 48 Cleric 6Member
Myanna 36 Cleric 6Member
Myobe 50 Cleric 9Recruit
Mysticdove 60 Mage 5Senior Member
Naden 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Naden81
Nadenwear 57 Warrior Nadens Crafting Alt 6Member
Naesuu 59 Mage 6Member
Nagano 8 Mage 9Recruit
Nakitaa 22 Rogue 9Recruit
Namethattune 25 Rogue 6Member
Nariel 24 Rogue Iellwin alt 6Member Iellwin
Narrasha 38 Rogue 6Member
Nazador 23 Cleric 9Recruit
Neenug 28 Rogue 6Member
Nekoo 54 Mage Kce's alt 5Senior Member
Nevlaithe 60 Cleric Anthilde's 5Senior Member
Nexium 21 Warrior 6Member
Nidalap 31 Warrior 6Member Cryptiix
Nightsabor 60 Mage 4Knight miller159
Nightvayne 27 Rogue 9Recruit xhershisquirtx
Nikknewl 25 Warrior 6Member
Nippelz 60 Cleric 5Senior Member
Niss 36 Cleric 9Recruit
Nitetrain 31 Rogue 6Member
Notdisco 60 Rogue Rends alt 6Member
Nuvola 21 Warrior 6Member
Ohlookasquirrel 23 Warrior 6Member
Oigithva 50 Cleric 5Senior Member
Okiedokie 60 Mage 6Member
Onomatopoeia 37 Mage 6Member
Oooolala 9 Mage 6Member
Orelsdottr 60 Cleric 4Knight Melarn
Osinisterone 60 Mage 4Knight osinisterone
Owlee 50 Cleric 6Member
Panduhmonium 25 Cleric 9Recruit
Paoao 38 Rogue 6Member
Pelts 33 Cleric 6Member Pelts
Phalannx 60 Rogue Darklich alt 5Senior Member DarkLich82
Phastie 60 Rogue 4Knight Karachi
Phiister 33 Cleric 6Member
Phrenzied 60 Mage 5Senior Member
Phyrexiian 36 Cleric Darklich Phalannx alt 9Recruit DarkLich82
Pigglestein 43 Mage 9Recruit
Played 60 Mage 3Officer
Plutares 17 Mage 6Member
Plyz 49 Rogue delne's hubby 6Member
Pointblankkiller 60 Rogue 5Senior Member pointbkiller
Proxyofdeath 19 Mage 6Member
Ptitecriss 51 Rogue 6Member
Purifiedlie 24 Mage 9Recruit
Pushme 59 Mage 6Member
Quazimoto 60 Warrior 6Member Besusjesus
Quebang 10 Mage 9Recruit
Queenarie 15 Rogue 6Member
Rabawid 60 Cleric forage/butcher/potion guy 375 3Officer Rabawid
Raegger 14 Rogue 6Member
Rafique 7 Cleric 6Member
Rajalsha 46 Rogue Rabawids Alt 6Member
Ramial 31 Rogue 6Member
Randi 27 Rogue 6Member
Randomeh 8 Rogue 6Member
Rastliin 60 Mage 4Knight rastliin2
Ravenyx 10 Mage 9Recruit
Rcyrstaleyesl 57 Mage 5Senior Member
Redblight 39 Cleric 6Member
Redbyrd 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Reevus 46 Warrior Amorsmith 6Member
Reinnegati 17 Rogue 9Recruit
Rendisco 60 Warrior weap/armour/runecrafter 4Knight Rendisco
Repents 60 Cleric 6Member
Retema 25 Mage 6Member
Rethgar 36 Rogue 6Member
Revantsl 19 Mage 9Recruit
Ricc 16 Warrior 6Member
Rijm 60 Mage 3Officer Aflyset
Rious 35 Warrior 6Member
Rlcrystaleyes 48 Cleric 6Member
Robinhoood 50 Rogue 4Knight robinhood
Rodwen 38 Rogue 6Member
Roemiasz 26 Rogue 9Recruit
Roguealas 20 Rogue 9Recruit
Rogueee 6 Rogue 6Member
Roothie 46 Rogue 6Member ewylie56652
Roseleaf 60 Rogue 4Knight
Rosenettle 9 Rogue 9Recruit
Roste 26 Cleric 6Member
Routsu 26 Cleric 6Member
Rybaack 13 Cleric 6Member
Ryghan 47 Warrior 6Member
Saage 50 Mage kces crafting alt artif/apocy 6Member Kcaola
Sael 60 Mage 375 Outfitter/Runecrafter/Apoth 5Senior Member
Saeta 60 Rogue 6Member TomTomWhon
Saicere 50 Rogue 6Member
Sambara 60 Rogue 5Senior Member
Samuraitsumo 46 Rogue 6Member jay_22_15
Samwiser 53 Mage 5Senior Member
Sangreia 1 Warrior 6Member
Sarf 51 Warrior 6Member
Sariena 60 Rogue Aridale's alt 4Knight REV61
Sarkus 50 Rogue 6Member
Sasten 45 Mage Lexcanium's Alt / Pyro MS 6Member Lexcanium
Satanic 51 Rogue 6Member
Savs 51 Rogue 5Senior Member
Sawyerh 10 Rogue 6Member
Scrotch 34 Warrior 6Member
Seelah 59 Cleric 6Member
Semmir 60 Warrior 5Senior Member semmir
Seranivah 38 Mage 6Member
Seraphias 26 Warrior 6Member
Seraphs 45 Rogue 6Member
Serice 52 Warrior 9Recruit
Sethaden 4 Cleric 6Member
Sethh 20 Rogue 6Member
Shadowbrawler 60 Mage 4Knight Broheen
Shadowdeep 60 Rogue deepstorm is my alt 5Senior Member
Shahira 22 Mage Trizzik/Tiern. Woot! 9Recruit
Sharialyna 28 Rogue 6Member
Sheanna 6 Cleric 6Member
Shmidtt 9 Cleric 9Recruit
Sifilis 27 Warrior 9Recruit
Sinx 45 Rogue 6Member
Sitris 22 Cleric 6Member
Skive 60 Rogue 5Senior Member Skive
Slimshorty 9 Rogue 6Member
Sneakydarlin 60 Rogue 3Officer
Sneekie 45 Rogue 6Member ewylie56652
Soanine 60 Rogue 9Recruit
Sonesa 60 Warrior 4Knight Karachi
Sostoned 40 Rogue 6Member
Spells 46 Mage 6Member
Sseaenn 60 Rogue 9Recruit
Starbuck 60 Cleric Alt of Naden 5Senior Member Naden81
Stilzy 22 Mage Tiern's friend. CHRONOMANCER 6Member
Stlthyrouge 20 Rogue 6Member
Strikess 60 Rogue max runecrafting/outfitting 5Senior Member Ailestrike
Strokeran 20 Cleric 9Recruit
Sujuan 54 Warrior Raba's alt 6Member Rabawid
Surmichael 26 Rogue 6Member
Syphos 14 Warrior 6Member Bondubras of Devoncroix
Tabusel 36 Mage 9Recruit
Taelir 30 Mage 6Member
Tavant 53 Mage 6Member
Tbiird 58 Mage 6Member
Tebor 50 Rogue 4Knight rmargio
Telzarin 24 Mage 9Recruit Gonutz89
Tenber 36 Cleric 6Member
Terillian 50 Rogue 6Member KenmanVB
Theodraen 41 Warrior 9Recruit
Thoor 8 Cleric 6Member
Thoord 60 Warrior katierys alt 5Senior Member kasiswin
Thraundriel 10 Rogue 5Senior Member
Thraunduil 6 Warrior 9Recruit
Thwktnmypkt 60 Mage 3Officer
Tiarmas 16 Cleric 6Member
Tiern 60 Rogue Bard MS DPS OS. Tank Experts. 4Knight Tiern
Timbershade 19 Rogue TG's Alt 6Member Shadowmage
Timezown 60 Mage 9Recruit
Toastis 53 Mage Artificer/Miner/Forager 6Member
Tokima 51 Mage 6Member TokiMa
Tormir 17 Rogue 6Member
Totman 20 Rogue 9Recruit
Traella 15 Rogue 6Member
Trevaine 17 Warrior 6Member
Trizzix 60 Cleric DPS/Healer. Working on tank set. 5Senior Member Tiern
Trymn 27 Rogue 6Member
Tushbite 60 Warrior 0Guild Leader Tushbite
Tushbow 50 Rogue 0Guild Leader Tushbite
Tushlock 20 Mage 0Guild Leader
Tushsoul 60 Cleric 0Guild Leader Tushbite
Typhonic 19 Warrior 6Member
Tyraelus 50 Cleric 9Recruit xhershisquirtx
Tyrsius 60 Cleric 9Recruit
Tysh 52 Mage Formerly Tysha. Available for all roles. 4Knight Makattaka
Umastheno 60 Cleric 9Recruit
Unogoofy 50 Warrior 6Member
Uteri 2 Warrior 9Recruit
Uzikahro 2 Rogue 9Recruit
Vadabeei 50 Warrior 4Knight Vadabeei
Vadiaescrota 25 Cleric 6Member
Vaera 31 Mage 6Member
Varrica 44 Rogue 6Member
Velandra 50 Rogue 5Senior Member
Velivara 50 Mage 6Member
Velria 55 Cleric 6Member
Venomousdemon 14 Mage 9Recruit
Veos 51 Cleric 6Member
Vestras 46 Mage Aridale's alt 4Knight
Vikt 30 Mage 9Recruit
Voldemorte 18 Mage 9Recruit
Vrathema 60 Warrior 6Member
Vria 14 Mage 9Recruit
Vyscous 16 Cleric 6Member Quanan
Waterfall 11 Mage 9Recruit
Weaselvtwelve 23 Rogue 9Recruit
Whatchamacallit 21 Mage 6Member
Whiskeyjones 22 Cleric 9Recruit
Wisewatch 29 Cleric 6Member Punkrobart
Witzcalibur 46 Warrior 6Member Witzarado
Wock 60 Cleric 3Officer
Wrathsend 53 Cleric 6Member
Wukong 55 Mage 6Member
Xamec 17 Rogue 6Member
Xandriaa 60 Cleric 4Knight Xandriaa
Xannarrra 60 Cleric 9Recruit
Xavous 46 Mage 6Member
Xbieberfanx 32 Rogue 9Recruit
Xiri 19 Warrior 9Recruit
Xormia 38 Mage 9Recruit
Xtrasauce 53 Mage 9Recruit
Xyzzyx 9 Warrior 6Member
Ydran 60 Cleric 6Member
Yeetoo 13 Cleric 6Member
Yotsanator 23 Warrior 6Member
Youngstone 50 Rogue 5Senior Member
Youngwheel 50 Warrior 5Senior Member
Ysmyrlda 60 Cleric 4Knight
Zackwylde 60 Warrior 5Senior Member
Zaeries 29 Warrior 6Member
Zarthon 22 Rogue 6Member
Zavana 22 Mage 6Member
Zavant 26 Rogue 6Member
Zeisoth 35 Rogue 6Member
Zenfar 11 Cleric 6Member
Zeramar 44 Mage 9Recruit
Zuzana 60 Warrior 5Senior Member
Zydeko 13 Cleric Alrachka 6Member
Zyh 28 Warrior 6Member
Zyndra 60 Cleric 5Senior Member
Zzael 24 Rogue 6Member
Cutetush (Cutetush)
Ruling Council
Ruling Council
Ruling Council
REV61 (Rev)
Tushbite (Tushbite)
Guild Leader
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What to do once you've leveled up to 60
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All crafting related Info
10/12/2013 2:42 PM EST
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Guides including points used in the Defiler, Tactician, Harbinger and Tempest souls.
9/14/2013 1:35 PM EST
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Soul Builds that do not include the Storm Legion Souls - Defiler, Tactician, Harbinger and Tempest.
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General discussion forum for both members and visitors.
3/25/2014 4:21 PM EST
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9/19/2013 12:46 AM EST
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10/11/2012 3:45 PM EST

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